Time is really flying by so fast.  In the Grade 3 classroom, we are very busy working and learning new things. We have pretty much learned the routine on what to do for each of the subjects. But we are still continuously learning and practicing the routine, until everybody gets it correctly and properly.  Throughout the end of this month, we might already be having our tests in most of the subjects. Review sheets will be provided for the students so that they know what to review and how to review.       In Religion, we are almost done learning about the first Chapter.      In Spelling, we are including themed spelling words. Spelling Pre-test is every Monday and the test is Friday. After the Spelling Pre-test, they will be writing down their mistakes 10 times and 5 times during the Spelling Test.      In Language Arts, we are learning and mastering the Alphabet and  Dictionary Skills.       In Math, we are still continuously focusing our knowledge about the two basic Operations Additio


Grade 3 2021-2022 Welcome Back to School! Welcome to Grade 3!      I am hoping that everyone had a good and safe summer.      Grade 3 is considered to be a big year. But I would like to think that this is the year that we "prepare" them for works that big kids do for the upper year.      To give you an overview of what is going to happen in this grade, I have listed some of them for you.  Grade is the year that the children are becoming more independent especially in their work.  They will having tests in all subjects with review sheets.  They will be the one responsible for putting all their paper in the right place. Grade 3 is where they get their knowledge to do things in the upper grade. For example, they have a test and they didn't know what and how to study. In this grade, I would set up review sheets, so they know how and what to study for test.  Math lessons gets harder as the year progress and they will be learning multiplication at the end of the year.  Reminder