“Though the weather is getting  colder , keep your heart  warm  by feeling for others.” February is always considered a super busy month. There were many activities. But one thing is for sure, we, the Grade 3 are super busy learning and working.  We wanted to make sure that we are always doing the best that we can in every task, homework, worksheet, and tests. We are trying our best effort to be focused and behaved.     In Religion, we have learned so much about Christ and His Kingdom. We have learned about our role as Christians. We have learned that to be a Christian should not only be in word but more of an action. As Christians we are always called to think good, to say good and do good all the time. To be kind and to love everyone is one of our primary goals. We learned the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit, we are learning about the importance of the Church, the community we belong and soon we will be learning about Lent, the Triduum, Easter and Pentecost.      In Spelling, w


  Happy New Year!  Goodbye 2022! Welcome 2023! The month of December had gone by pretty fast. It is a month that is short but sweet. The Grade 3's had been very busy with a lot of fun and learning.  For the first time again after 3 years, we had our in-person Christmas Concert. And I can say that it was indeed a blast! The students as well as the parents enjoyed every presentation. You can probably say that we have an UPGRADE in terms of our presentations. :) Thank you very much to all the wonderful people behind the success of the Christmas Concert - Mrs. Pollock, Mr. Kharchenko and all the staff and parent volunteers. IT WAS INDEED A HUGE SUCCESS! The Grade 3s had been doing a lot of reviewing, practicing and mastering a lot of skills.  In ELA, we are practicing a lot of dictionary skills, finding words in the dictionary. Its definition and how they are going to use the words in a sentence. They are also encountering a lot of different words thru their weekly Spelling words. When


  It is already the month of November. Two months had quickly passed and so much had happened and there's so much more to learn in the Grade 3 class.  Last month, we finished our Provincial Assessment and I can say that it went well. I am happy to say that even if the results of their assessment says that they're not there yet, I believe that they're getting there soon.  We are learning so much. In ELA, we are continuously strengthening their alphabetical skills so that they will be ready to learn more complex skills like the finding words in the dictionary and looking for its meaning. We also started Printing practices, to ensure that their printing will be readable, cleaner and clearer. In Spelling, we are now in Unit 8. The words are getting harder but we are slowly getting there.  In Math, we are learning about the 2 digit Addition and Subtraction With and Without Regrouping. It is challenging most especially when we are writing our numbers properly, making sure it is a


  You will not realize that time is passing by so quickly when you are busy learning.... In the Grade 3 classroom, we are still continuously working and learning new lessons. We have pretty much learned the routine on what to do for each of the subjects. But we are still busy learning and practicing the routine, until everybody gets it correctly and properly.  We have started doing some tests for each subject. It is very important for them to copy the dates written in their agenda for tests and other important information. Parents, please make sure that you check and sign their agenda everyday. The Grade 3's need to be responsible in bringing home duotangs for the subject/s that they need to study.       In Religion, we are done learning about the first lesson and we included in the lesson the importance of prayer in our lives. We have learned the Five Finger Prayer.      In Spelling, we will be including themed spelling words. Spelling Pre-test is every Monday and the test is Frid

September News

  The first full week of school is already a busy week for the Grade 3 students. Here are the lessons that we have started learning:       In Religion, we started learning about Unit 1 - Jesus Gives Us the Church and started talking about the first chapter - God Sends Us His Own Son. We will also be learning about the following concepts -  God the Son become one of us Jesus grew Up in Nazareth  Jesus begins His work  Jesus shows us how to live as followers      In Spelling, we had our first Spelling Test. Spelling Pre-test is every Monday and the test is Friday.      In Language Arts, we are learning how to use the Dictionary.       In Math, we are continuously strengthening our knowledge about the two basic Operations Addition and Subtraction thru a variety of worksheets. We are making sure that we mastered our mental skills by answering timed activities.      In Science, we started learning about the Plants, Parts of the Plants and its Life Cycle. We will also focus on the characteri


  Welcome Back to School! Welcome to Grade 3!      I hope that everyone had a good and enjoyable summer.      Grade 3 is considered to be a big year. But I would like to think that this is the year that we "prepare" them for works that big kids do for the upper year.      To give you an overview of what is going to happen in this grade, I have listed some of them for you.  Grade 3 is the year that the children are becoming more independent especially in their work.  They will be having tests in all subjects with review sheets. They will be the one responsible for putting all their paper in the right place or right duotang. Grade 3 is where they get their knowledge to do things in the upper grade. For example, they have a test and they didn't know what and how to study. In this grade, I would set up review sheets, so they know how and what to study for test.  Math lessons gets harder as the year progress and they will be learning multiplication as the year goes on.  Remind


             HELLO APRIL!  A good day isn't always  P erfect . It challenges you to R elease your potential and  I nspires you to appreciate the  L ittle and amazing things in life.  April is another busy month for us, Grade 3s. And we are always working so hard and learning so many things. In Grade 3, time is very important.  Again, we are always making sure that we are doing the best that we can in every task, homework, activities, and tests. We are focused and behaved. We believe in ourselves. The Grade 3s affirmation is I BELIEVE IN MYSELF!       In Religion, we have learned so much about Christ and His Kingdom. We have learned about our role as Christians. We have learned that to be a Christian should not only be in word but more of an action. As Christians we are ALWAYS called to do good, to be kind and to love everyone. We are learning to care more for others and we are learning to be more empathetic and caring. We learned the different information about Lent. We also liste